What’s the deal with the bathrooms?

Our bathrooms are a little different

Keeping with our tradition of doing things a little differently, we’re one of the first hotels in Boston to offer rooms without an in-room bathroom, which we’re calling “Baths Down the Hall”. With these rooms, private, single-occupant bathrooms are located at the end of each hallway, just like your bathroom at home (but with better towels).

Each of the 10 restrooms per floor feature a toilet, vanity and glass shower, and are connected to an occupancy indicator light to determine availability from the comfort of your guestroom. Specialty Steele Canvas shower tote bags, complete with branded robes, slippers and lotion, are provided for added convenience. ADA compliant accessible bathrooms are available on every floor.

Bathroom Suite, Private Single-Occupant Bathrooms
Bathroom Suite Down the Hall
Bathroom Suite, Private Single-Occupant Bathrooms
Private Single-Occupant Bathroom
Accessible Bath at Revolution Hotel
Private Accessible Bathroom
Bath down the Hall, Private Single-Occupant Bathroom
Bathroom Suite, Private Single-Occupant Bathrooms